Zina Unseen: Volume 1 - Lesbian/Dystopian Fiction

Discussion in 'Fan Fiction and Creative Writing' started by WindInTime, Sep 27, 2015.

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    Jan 2, 2015
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    Hey guys. I'm a writer and just finished my first lesbian novella. It's posted on Amazon and I thought I'd share it with AE, not only because I love it and met my fiance here, but because all my lesbifriends like the story and maybe it could give you a smile. I'm going to be submitting it to publishers eventually, and the more popular it is online the more likely it will be that they agree to release a print version. It's the first in a series.

    Basically the premise is that an agent for a sinister social media platform called FaceSpace has been stalking this woman for years. She doesn't know he exists, and he is basically pushed to his breaking point and totally obsessed with her. I made a little book trailer if you're interested in checking it out. Thanks for checking it out!


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