Z Nation - almost a lesbian storyline for Addy

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    Any of you guys watch "Z Nation"?

    So we're at the second season and I always prayed ever since the first episode of season 1 to see a lesbian Addy, and now my prayers has been answered.

    Here what happened in the last week episode.
    The group have to take shelter from the zombies and a fire smoke, and they end up in a hotel controlled over by a white collar survivors, which is living in that hotel since the start of the apocalypse. They don't want the group to enter, but eventually one of them open them the door.

    As soon as they enter a man, named Gideon, and a woman, named Dana, make very clear that if they were to stay they have to follow their rules, which are no violence and talk only when the talking stick is in their hands.

    The following scene have Addy talking with Dana about repairing the dish of the hotel, and it is pretty obvious that she was flirting with Addy even more obvious when Addy is climbing the ladder and she checks her out, which don't go unnoticed by Addy. When she climbs down they talk a little more and just when Dana leans in to kiss Addy a stupid gun fire stop them.

    We find out that someone shot Murphy and a man of the withe collar group, and the group have to find out who. Some random guy is blamed for it and thrown out at the mercy of the zombies with just a hummer to defend himself.
    But unfortunately he wasn't the one who shot, because someone killed another man and that opened the man hunt in the hotel.
    The group splits up to find the man and Addy is pairing with Diana and believe it or not, they got stuck in a closet, with two Zombies in the room with them. Diana starts to beg Addy to take her with her group, away from that crazy hotel, and she begins to cry and hug Addy, luring the zombies attention to them. Then Addy sees two shadows coming behind the zombies and she kneels down with Dana, dodging the shots their team mates fired at the zombies, they fall out of the closet ending flat on the floor together.

    Then the man who was shot along with Murphy regains conscience and tell everyone who the man who shot him is, and we find out that he wants to escape from the hotel with Dana and they were working together to steal some supplies, though Diana didn't want anyone to get hurt.
    At this point the barely conscious man takes Doc's gun and kills the other man, who is standing just in front of Dana, and transforms just some inches from her. Thanks to her prompt reflects Addy mercys the zombie saving Dana.
    The man who was previously thrown out managed to stay alive and come back, to kill the dictatorial man in chief, Gideon, with his own talking stick.

    At the end of the episode the white collar survivors decide to finally abandon the hotel to wonder around the post apocalyptic world. Dana decides to remain with her group, but asks Addy if she is sure she don't want to join her, but Addy don't want to leave her friends.
    They say "see you later" and "I really hope I see your face again" to each other, while Warren is looking at them in the rearview mirror and grinning, the same grin the others give Addy as soon as she enters in the car.
    When the car starts to leave Addy keeps looking behind to Diana.

    Don't know if I was any good at narrate the Addy/Dana parts of this episode, but I hope it is at least understandable (I already know I made some mistakes with the verbs XD)

    Also you should take a look at this video, where the actress who plays Addy (Anastasia Baranova) review the episode with AfterBuzz TV and talk about the relationship between Addy and Dana, she actually says that she is asking for a lesbian lover since the first episode, and maybe there's hope for season 3!! XD
    The interesting part begins at 28:12, but Anastasia is soo funny I suggest you watch the hole thing ^^

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