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    Hey everyone, I'm a 22 y.o female bookworm and I recently fell in love with an amazing woman. This is what I wrote to her, I wanted to share, cuz sharing is even a greater need when you are in the closet, as you know. :) Here it is:

    I get to know you in a way that your physical existence is insignificant. I come into your room for the first time and silently approach to your bookshelf, with excitement. First I only look through shelves slowly, that’s me watching you, inch by inch, with thirst and hunger. Your physical form stands by me, your hair touches my cheek, I feel your breath on me when we both gaze into your soul. None of these are as erotic as the curiosity in your eyes; you wonder if I like what I see now, your books, your mind, your soul. I see some stuff I’ve read, I feel like I’ve known you forever. This is me undressing you. I smile delightedly, you see me smiling, you smile. Then I see some books I haven’t encountered before; I cannot stop myself, it is too beautiful just to look. I reach out to the shelf with my trembling hand. I handle the volumes of sentences you chose to love. This is me, touching you. I want to absorb every word in those, I want to discover you, uncover you. Gently I caress the spines of the books as if I am cuddling you. You also reach out and touch the one I’m caressing. Our fingers meet accidentally. I touch your fingers when I’m touching your spirit on the shelf. This is me entering into the most private parts of you. And we both are out of breath and we both know this is the best way to make love.

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