Writing a LGBT Fantasy Story Advice?

Discussion in 'Fiction' started by LilMizCMF, May 1, 2014.

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    May 1, 2014
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    I am writing as said above a fantasy story which is to do with Lesbain and Bixsexual's i want to aim it at Lesbain Bi girls mysaelf because i dont want it to end up like a lot of stories... i think you know what i mean...

    well here's the blurb:

    After a fire at her home consumes a month of her life, Alex has to move to her auntie’s house. We see her waking up in hospital and her Nurse Mae finding out her secret with her. Alex is different from most people, she always changes her hair, or now she can, and she hates the way she looks, Mae has brown hair and bright brown eyes. They both end up meeting back up in Scotland where Mae invites her to join her band, then Alex falls in love... Who is it with? Will they love her back? What happened in the fire that changed Alex’s life forever, read to find out

    it's a rough blurb can can someone plz tell me what you think?? Thank you!! <3 xxx

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