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    Hi I'm just needing some advice. I got a new job working in an office a few months ago it started out ok but the more experienced I got the worse I have been treated. I really hate the job now and every morning when I wake up I think I'd rather be dead than have to go in. It may seem extreme but I have had some depression problems in the past and this seems to be making things worse. My girlfriend is supportive and I think I should just leave but we are getting married next September and we have bills to pay and it wouldn't be fair of me to do that. She has told me to leave if I am so unhappy but I feel that it would be selfish if I did. I am just so unhappy. I have applied for other jobs but as yet nothing has come off and as the job is Monday to Friday business hours it's difficult for me to get off to even go to other job interviews. Has anyone ever been in the same position and maybe would have some advice. It's 9pm at night at the minute here and I'm due in tomorrow and the thoughts of it are making me ill :(
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    I'm office based 9-5 too, some of the people I work with are nightmares, some of them are the shining stars in the sky. I've found that even if it's difficult, just to do your own thing and don't let people get you down, my mum has a favourite saying that "there is nothing that maddens people more, than to see you have a f*cking good life".

    It depends what you do ultimately, I found enjoying the work itself and focusing on that helped me to a happier place. It helps (in a weird way) that I'm head over heels for someone I work with, but even when she was away for a bit, I found myself having to focus on the things that made me happy.

    Do a list of what makes you happy versus what makes you sad. When one outweighs the other, you will have your answer.

    And as for your wedding, I know ultimately you want to have the cash for your dream day, but you're marrying a person for who they are, not for their bank balance. The day will be about the two of you, sod the brand of wine you have on your tables for guests who you don't even really like that much anyway ;-)
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