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Discussion in 'Does She Like Me?' started by Juju84, Jul 16, 2019.

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    My colleague B. and I work in the same Team in a big Company, but we are disclocated in two different European cities. I am gay, but I did not Say It openly at work. Not sure about B. Sexuality honestly.
    We have been working together for 5 years now. We always had a very distant work relationship. A couple years ago I went for a few days in her city for working matters, and we had the chance to spend some time together. She spent her time after working hours with me, showing me around, drinking and eating. After this, our relationship became a lot more friendly, chatting on WhatsApp&Instagram.

    What is strange to me is her off-work behaviour with me. Sometimes She Is super friendly, sometimes She ignores me for days. Then She reappars like nothing happened. Often She Is speaking about how Amazing it would be to meet again and do stuff together. In the latest period,it happened multiple times that she sends me a picture of her doing stuff Friday/ saturday night, saying I Wish you were here/you Need to come here. She sends me this pics at 2/3am, and the next day She ignores my replies.

    I'm not sure if She Is Just a strange person, or maybe she has some feelings for me of some kind that She Is trying to repress someway
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    She is your work mate so I think she is keeping like a social touch enough to be friendly. Her email behaviors sounds like social media postings to a subject of one instead of a real conversation. It is work and can get awkward if you pursue it. I would relax my mind strings on this person and try to to 2nd guess what her intentions are. I would instead focus on whether this type of texting is of interest to me to invest too much time on.

    My opinion is that she sucks at texting. She does not have the etiquette of when she should text someone. She also does not have the etiquette of replying to someone. And, dude, if you were to text someone in the early AM, you'd better be prepared to reply if the other person so good naturedly reply to your text with a friendly text. If someone texts me at 2AM, I really would not have been that friendly.

    I hope that as patient as you are, someone will come along and appreciate you and build a relationship that you deserve to have.

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