Why SwanQueen will triumph over CaptainSwan

Discussion in 'Off-Topic TV Shows' started by Kristana, May 29, 2014.

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    Well, the die has been cast and CaptainSwan has won and SwanQueen is defeated...or is it? Emma is destined to redeem Regina with her love and nothing will stand in the way of that. We have seen time and time again that Emma alone has stood beside Regina giving her support and understanding. That Emma invited Regina to the party. That Emma has joined her magic to Regina's. That Emma has said to Regina, "our son".
    But you say, "What about CaptainSwan? They are now romantically involved!"
    Yes, that's true, but it's not the first time that someone else has come between Regina and Emma. The story started with Regina involved with Graham...and then he died. Daniel came back from the grave to confuse Regina...and then he died. Neal came back from "who the **** cares" to try to win Emma's heart again...and then he died. It's getting to be a dangerous thing to be between Emma and Regina. Robin made it out alive, but we can all pretty much agree that it's over between him and Regina. Now it's just time for Hook to shuffle off this mortal coil.
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    Kristana, I couldn't agree more! The chemistry between Regina & Emma has been through the roof since day one!
  3. Dinotae

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    hahahaha I would LOVE to see that to happen. I LOVE the evil queen. That would definitely be a plot twist.

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