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    Now I have this big theory about who A is, and after last nights episode that isn't something that has changed, I still think that A is Maya. My theory on that can be read here http://forums.afterellen.com/threads/maya-is-a-theory.3805/

    Charles I think is going to be a completely different situation.
    After last nights episode we are left knowing that Charles DiLaurentis is the brother of Alison and Jason and that he wasn't present for some time before Ali's disappearance, maybe even the majority of her childhood so here's my breakdown on what I think happened.

    The Dilaurentis parent's noticed that from a young age that Charles was displaying unusual behavior for a child of his age.
    After some testing they learnt that he had some developmental or behavioral issues meaning that whilst he was growing up he would may to go into a care facility.
    In the facility with him was Bethany Young (and maybe Maya?)
    Mrs DiLaurentis became attached to Bethany whilst on her visits too her son.
    Mr DiLaurentis discovered his wife's unhealthy attachment to a daughter that wasn't hers and made the decision that they stop visiting the facility altogether.
    Eventually Charles had reached a point where he could leave and was taken in by the Campbell family under the name Andrew.
    Bethany reached an age where she needed to be transferred to Radley.
    Andrew eventually learnt of his relation to the DiLaurentis family when he was much older and was devastated by what had happened.
    The night that Alison disappeared Andrew had gone to the DiLaurentis household for answers (with Bethany?), when seeing Ali he decided to take out his frustration by attacking her, hitting her with a rock which Mrs DiLaurentis saw (then deciding to protect him later as he is still her son). She took what she thought to be Ali's dead body that was just unconscious and buried her to protect Charles (The rest of that story you know). I suspect that Bethany was there that night with Andrew to get some answers for herself on why Mrs DiLaurentis had stopped visiting, the drawings of her from Bethany's sketchbook coming from a place of anger and resentment Spencer then mistaking her for Alison when she attacked which lead to her death.
    Andrew knew that Ali was alive because of the death of Bethany, his attempts to get closer to the lairs were an attempt to see what they knew and also as a way to try and get close to his birth family. Hence his attempt of being in a relationship with Spencer and later his fling with Aria.
    That would explain why he was listening in on the Hasting's phone conversation in the season 5 finale.

    His distaste towards Mona probably stems from the fact that despite the fact that she practically tortured these girls being close to them and being super intelligent was something that came easily for her, a fact that he was envious of. I don't think that it goes any further than that though.

    I don't think that Andrew has anything to do with what is happening with A, once A has been unmasked if the show continues then it wont have anything to do with A as stated by Marlene King herself (allegedly), I have a feeling it may have to do with Andrew and his connection to the family and maybe increasingly deadly
    behavior coming from a need for vengeance?
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