When is it right to start dating again?!

Discussion in 'Advice on Meeting Women' started by Damari, Dec 29, 2013.

  1. Damari

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    Dec 29, 2013
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    I was in a 3 1/2 year long relationship and have been single for almost a year now but still have
    feelings for my ex(mostly bad) but either way emotions exist. Every girl I've talked to since then and I actually start to like
    doesn't feel the same or I freak when I feel a connection forming. I also have a hard time keeping the friendship and crushing on someone line separate, seems like every girl as of recent who I become friendly with I eventually start crushing on.. maybe I'm confusing emotions. AH Insight anyone? Anyone going through anything similar? Honestly I'm tired of being single.. HELP
  2. LeafCrumbs

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    Feb 4, 2014
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    Well..when you talk to these new girls, do you bring up your ex or how you feel about her? There is no right time to get over someone, I think. It all depends on whether you're mentally and emotionally prepared to move on and start something new with someone else, while leaving your baggage behind. I've tried jumping into things unprepared and I'm also guilty of holding on to my past too much to enjoy the present, but it's gonna get old one of these days.. and start cramping your style lol. Don't talk about it. Don't bring it up. If they ask, just speak honestly and respectfully and move on. If you cannot do that, then maybe you aren't ready to date.
  3. Ladiesofchic

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    Jan 26, 2014
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    Sorry Damari that you broke up with you Ex. I agree with LeafCrumbs comments in that there is no real time to move on. Maybe they will always be apart of your life in some way. In times like these i suggested being alone and doing some soul seeking too. It may help you resolve that emotional need to just attached to anyone that comes along and thus better prepare you for when the right one does. What your experiencing happens to the best of us but as the say. Slow and steady wins the race!
  4. pikatan2

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    Oct 28, 2014
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    welll..... there is no rule in the "time" to get over someone, especially if you guys break up in the name of love... that's even harder but it doesn't seems like your end up in a good term eh? take you time, enjoy your company with the girls or someone who you potentially might like, don't rush things.. I really reckon you to let yourself feel everything that you're feeling toward your ex... let it go and forgive her.. for me thats the only way to really get over her.. only if you're emotionally ready to move on too...

    Personally I broke up with my ex-fiancee 5 months ago and it still hurt soo much... at time like this crushing over someone new is really seems good option but its not, especially if you end up being in relationship with one of them and you still have all this baggage with your ex, the fear of getting hurt, the fear of disappointment, those kind fear and its not goin to be fair for your next girlfriend/boyfriend but then again different people have a different way to get over someone, so you have to figure out what works for you..

    but anyhow I wish you good luck and everything is goin to be okay, mate :)

  5. DrSuess

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    May 20, 2019
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    There is no right time. You need to make sure you heal yourself before you will be in a position to give love.

    Breakups are hard but everything happens for a reason.

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