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Discussion in 'Does She Like Me?' started by GreenBeen, Sep 23, 2013.

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    Sep 23, 2013
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    Met this girl in theatre class. We both are in our mid 20s. We met a few times and got along so well. She even mentioned how great our chemistry was. Tried to flirt with her, called her cute, she would laugh. We had a lot of eye contact as well. Talked non stop for 2 hours straight the few times we saw each other in the class. Added her on twitter a few weeks later. We talked a bit on there and invited her to practice with me for a play. She was very excited. Day of though, she had to cancel due to work. She even said how she had made me practice notes which I thought was very nice. I told her we should go for drinks sometime and she agreed and that I now have her number. So a few days later I ask her to join me for a drink. She couldn't due to a family trip, so after that I let about a week pass by and simply text her how's it going. But she doesn't respond. So I let a few days pass by and then message her saying "hey when can I get you a coffee for those notes? I'd like to take you on a date" she never responded. It's been about 2 weeks now. She's seen the message too. It's pretty clear that she isn't interested or else she would have responded yes. I don't want to contact her again since she has ignored two of my messages before, and I get the hint. But at the same time one of my friends tells me I should tell her something like "hi, hope I didn't creep you out. If ever you want to go for a friendly coffee sometime, you know my number." Or clear something out. Whay do you guys think?

    Update: So few weeks after I posted on this, I found out that she has a girlfriend. I'm not 100% that she does, she never told me, nor has anyone, but I've noticed on twitter that she had a lot of pictures with this one girl, and they tend to call each other honey, and love, and this other girl is a lesbian too (my friend knew her). So this would explain the lack of response. It's stll not 100%, maybe theyre good friends, but it seems a little more than that.

    However, here is what has been confusing me: Recently, she has been inviting me to events on twitter. One event revolving the acting class and another that was very random. At first I thought oh she's probably inviting all of her friends on twitter since there are a lot of people to one of the events, but no, on one she only invited a few people and on another I was the only one she invited. I did end up going to one of the events she invited me to but I didn't stay long and I didn't see her since there were a lot of people. On both events her "girlfriend" is there though.

    Should I do the same and invite her to an event on twitter? I take it as her just being friendly otherwise she would talk to me and would have accepted the date..I was thinking of inviting her to a play im gonna go see with a friend, and this play as a lot of people and it's free, and she often goes to those too..would it be a good idea?

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    Re: What would you do in this situation?

    I would move on. You tried on two different occasions and she was busy then two friendly messages went unanswered, at this juncture, I wouldn't ask or even give out a generic invitation. I think silence speaks volumes. Anything more on your part will just make you look desperate. Nobody wants to date "desperate". Better luck next time.
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    Re: What would you do in this situation?

    I second the post above.
    And would not text again and just move on :)
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    Re: What would you do in this situation?

    She likes the attention she gets from you...but she's just not into you in that way. Her actions are speaking louder than what she says because even if she wanted a friendly coffee, she would've gone for coffee with you. Move on.

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