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    So basically I have been seeing my ex on and off for the last five years. When we first began dating, after nearly a year I broke up with her as I was only nineteen and felt too young to settle down. She was extremely hurt but we remained close and began sleeping with each other on and off a few months later.

    We decided to move in together, as work for her was better where I lived. Over this time we slept together more and I began wanting more however she was unsure and still hurt from th past. Things remained the same over the next year and a half until she secretly began dating one of my close mates. After finding out things swiftly ended when she slept with me again. Over the coming months she insinuated we would get back together however we did not. She began dating a work colleague and moved in with her. I was still madly in love with her by this point, although being by myself allowed me to begin moving on.

    Roll on a few months and she breaks up with her work colleague saying her previous two relationships were her biggest mistakes ever. She begs me to give her another chance and to move back in with me. I tell her I'm not sure and to see how things are over summer. She keeps to herself and allows me space, as I'm still in love with her I give her one last chance which takes me to now...

    We had been dating for a little over a month and she breaks up with me saying things are moving too quick and she wants to be single for a while. We still live together and financially I have no other option to move until Summer. She says she still loves me and wants to marry me. She says im the best girlfriend ever and that she does not deserve me.However I don't want to be her comfort blanket and wait forever for her to be ready although I love her and would love to be with her for life what should I do?

    Any advice would be appreciated! Thanks

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