What do I do about my neighbor?

Discussion in 'Advice (Dear AE...)' started by Kyuarizumu, Oct 14, 2016.

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    Oct 14, 2016
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    I might sorta have a crush on my neighbor coincidentally we are also in the same class. I needed the homework and sent her a message via Facebook but she never replied so I sent a friend request thinking it went into the archive thing. It took her a little over a week to accept the friend request and never look or replied at the message. I want to talk to her because she seems really nice not to mention pretty and it would be cool to be friends but I also don't want to be annoying? I would normally just try again or joke it off but she tells her mom everything they are really close and my mom and her mom are not friends but they talk a lot. I thought things like this would get easier after high school but it seems to have gotten harder. I mean I can't tell if she doesn't like me or not. I think I come off pretty mean. But I just want some advice on what to do. What can I do?.... I don't want to cause a problem in my neighborhood over a few feelings... help...
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    Feb 3, 2016
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    Tricky. To be honest i dont really have a good idea. But if you come off as "mean" maybe you should try to be nicer. Just a friendly hello or something when you see her....and then eventually talk to her. Or is this the worst idea ever? I wouldnt force myself on to her in any case :). Is she even interested in girls?
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