What are the chances of "quiet types" to be f...

Discussion in 'Advice on Meeting Women' started by vigilante, Oct 22, 2014.

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    I have this certain type. I like those quiet girly-girls, who has a passion for arts, literature, laser tag, same taste in music and of course kind.
    In highschool I've had girlfriends who were loud and loves partying that in the end, they cheated on me. Worse is they were part of the queen bee cliques, and sometimes I hate what they do. I have always been in the neutral zone, despite my being out, since I try to be nice to everyone, I don't get in trouble.

    Finally, I've met her. The thing is she's most likely straight. I managed to talk to her, and found out that we do have a lot in common, that she made our own bucketlist (about zombies, laser tag, bacon pancakes and museums). She was in most of my classes, and she always looked so elegant that I thought there is no way she would talk to a really hard butch like me. But yeah we clicked, but not enough. There are days when we don't talk in class because I had to sit with my friends. Though, we always smile at each other (in hallways, in class etc). My friend told me that she only smiles at me and not at them when they also belong in the same class and that she touches me a lot, but she said that sometimes girls tend to do that without meaning anything, specially with a girl(but I dress like a boy, and my haircut).

    I know some girls will tell you "I think I'm bi" but probably not someone like her, the quiet types, how would you know if they are interested?
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    Re: What are the chances of "quiet types" to ...

    well, to be really honest.. I dated both type that you describe the loud one and the quite one.. the loud one was my first girlfriend and the quite one end up becoming my fiancee, well ex-fiancee. The story is that quite one cheated on me with someone else (she broke my frikin heart into million pieces) well both of them cheated on me so I'm not sure if the "type" is really goin help with the whole situation, for me its more like the moral thing and what they're capable of doin..

    and as in for what is happening to your right now.. I reckon to make sure what she is into first because if shes not into girls, I don't think its worth it and even if shes into girls... she might enjoy your company as a friend.. to be really honest.. I'd say just enjoy the friendship first because it seems like both of you like having what's goin on right now... don't rush things.. she might still haven't figure out what she wants but there is also a chance that she does like you

    but anyhow.. I wish you good luck, if she happens to like you.. I hope it all turned out well :) xx

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