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    by Karman Kregloe | July 2, 2013

    AfterEllen readers, we have a brand new look. Don’t freak out!

    We’re the same website, we’ve just relaunched a major redesign.

    But you’ll find the same content and writers you know and love. Only now we have a fancy new face.

    We know that change can be challenging, but we think that our makeover is long overdue.

    Big thanks to our site designer Ryan as well as our tech group, Peter, Rakesh, Hersch, Betsy and all the folks at Logo for their hard work on our shiny new site.

    If you were a member of AfterEllen before our relaunch, then you probably already have a member account with us. Just click on the “Sign In” link in top right corner, then use whatever email address was associated with your AfterEllen account along with your old AfterEllen password.

    Oh, and check out the site on your smartphone or tablet! Mobile users are going to appreciate the new responsive design!

    Finally, we have some unexpected good news to report. In the next few days we will have private messaging! When our forums are functional, users’ mailboxes will be found under “User Control Panel”=> “Private messages.” We’re hoping our forums will be ready in the next day or so, and our tech team is on the job.

    Of course, we still have some remaining kinks to work out, so please bear with us while we work on further refinements over the next few weeks. But whether you’re a new visitor or an old guard member of our AE community, if you have a moment, please let us know what you think of the redesign so far.

    Update: Some of you are having trouble logging in, retrieving your old user names, etc. Please send specific technical questions and requests for tech help to us here:

    [email protected]

    Please don’t send general feedback (about the look of the site, color scheme, etc.) to this address though, as the kind folks who will be checking that email account will not be able to address those concerns. The address listed above is for tech support only. All other feedback should be left in the comments below. Thanks!
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    I probably haven't been on or around enough to see the transition of the site, but I'm trying to update my profile and post more and maybe even make a *gasp* friend or two, so here seems as good a place to start as any. :)

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