Want her to Hear my side of story

Discussion in 'Does She Like Me?' started by BlueBrunette, Oct 24, 2016.

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    Sep 27, 2016
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    A while back I posted a advice thread am I being played about a girl who we took an interest in each other on a blog , well things went bad fast, we kinda started talking more, I seemed advice from a friend on the blog who I had been talking to for almost a year , I explained my situation with me and the girl, didn't use names . Unknown to me my friend who I was seeking advice from was good friends with the girl, and I guess at some point figured out who I was talking about , then proceeded to tell me that the girl was a good friend of hers and that she likes to play games with people etc and she would use me for one thing etc . She hates her friend did me that way etc. after I told her some things that the girl said to me about being Dom etc. next thing I know I get a pm from the girl on a Mon cussing me out saying her good friend pm told her I said she was Dom and she wanted to dominate me in bed I said no and that I said she would force me!!!! I NEVER said that !! All I said was she was Dom to the unknown to me friend she did tell me that and she wanted to try that with me , but the force thing never was said I never thought that !! The girl tells me what her friend says all that and blocks me, I didn't / don't have a way of defending myself same day I got the message from the girl her friend who I thought was mine blocks me also! After me sitting up on work nights listening to her offering advice etc , she twist my words around for what I don't know, me and the girl spoke that weekend, never any bad stuff between us , I went for advice to that friend weeks before, that Mon when I got the bad pm from the girl . I hate that she thinks I said something that horrible about her when I didn't and never would !! That same day all this went down got a pm from a person I follow but never spoken to saying she can't believe i fell for the girl! That how could I believe she was interested in me, she likes to play games with people etc !!! I never thought she was lying to me about an attraction , any advice was I set up or what !! Confused
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    I have not read the previous thread again, but I could remember not feeling this blog "person" thing. Your best defense is to ignore these people and start over with real life activities in your own town. This is not healthy at all. Once again, please block and stay away.


    You have talked behind her back to her own friend. You didn't know at first it was a friend of hers once you knew, you should have stopped. Nothing you could say from then on would be in anyway interpreted but as something negative. The occasional crazy conspiracy theorist in me also thinks this is like some weird setup. She and her friend set you up or s/he is the author of both blogs.

    Even at the odd chance she is on the up and up and she is simply a good person offended by a misunderstanding, you still can't get to her. The best way is for you to prove that you are a goodly, normal person is to not contact her anymore because she might brand you a stalker on top of a gossiper. I know it is counter-intuitive. I am sorry this happened to you.
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    Here is the deal - you can't 'control' other people. You can't make them hear your side of the story, or listen with an open mind.

    1) Girl #1 made up lies about you and stabbed you in the back. Sadly, you can't stop someone from doing that.

    2) Girl #2 believed those lies, instead of giving you the benefit of the doubt and at least hearing your side of the story. You can't help it if people are going to listen to gossip about what someone supposedly said or did. You can't help if someone is dumb enough to form opinions from gossip and not from facts they have observed themselves (i.e. talking to you).

    3) Both girl #1 and #2 are toxic people. They are into the drama. You don't need either of them. It doesn't matter what girl #2 thinks of you- she is a jerk and has no right to judge you.

    4) Girl #2 is way too immature to be a good Dom. A toxic drama queen Dom? Yeah, you dodged a bullet there.
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    Sorry too much drama already
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    You cannot make anyone do anything.

    Want them to listen to you, but they don't want to? Nope. They decide who gets their attention and time.
    Want your side of the story to be respected? Tough cookies. They decide who to trust and what to believe.
    Want people to tell the truth? Unfortunately, some people lie.
    Want people to think well of you? Hard luck. Not everybody is going to like you, and you don't need them to anyway.

    Think of this situation like a gift: both of these people showed you who they were, and proved beyond a shadow of a doubt that you don't want them as your friends and/or partners anyway. At least you found out now, before you sank more time and effort into them! And the price of this gift - of your freedom from mean, over-reacting, manipulative jerks - is that you had to have some bad stuff said about you by people that you don't really want to like you anyway. That's peanuts.

    It sucks to have people say nasty sh*t about you, but you 100% do not control other people's actions. What you DO control is you: your choices, your associations, your friendships, your responses. Get away from these awful, lying, dramatic people, learn what you can from this encounter so you don't repeat these mistakes, and think about how you choose friends and form friendships.
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