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    Hello, friends, there's another fictional story of mine I'd like to share with you—more than most others, I feel it would benefit from a mention on AE. (Do please keep in mind they're still amateur stories; that while they're pretty good, they're no Radclyffe.) This one is written from the first-person view of a fictitious but incredibly famous American rock star named Velette Voxe. That's her stage name. It's called "The Voxe: A Girl And Her Music." She's kind of like...well, no, actually, make that a LOT like Melissa, based partly on her and partly on my personal favorite other artist (who is not a lesbian, but...). It gets hot and heavy towards the end as well. On reflection, the sex scene may have turned out a bit...MUCH, but some Readers have still very much enjoyed it. Here's the link: https://www.literotica.com/s/the-voxe-a-girl-and-her-music If you check it out, hope you like it!! —Greg

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