vintage B&W lesbian movie can´t remember the ...

Discussion in 'Movies with Lesbian/Bi Themes' started by Paula Davies, Jul 18, 2013.

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    Jul 18, 2013
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    hey guys. When I was a teenager I saw a vintage B&W lesbian movie (50s, 60s) in one of the cable film channels (hbo, cinemax, I don´t recall) and I´m trying to fund out what was its title, but I´m not finding anywhere. It was very subtle about the lesbian thing, and very dramatic. it was two women, maybe one older than the other. The older one worked as a lumberjack, the youngest I can´t remember. They lived in a house by the woods, and they had a very intimal relationship, like best friends that turned into a romance. I think there was a small kiss at the end (the only direct mention to homossexuality). It was very tragical though, the lumberjack died or something like that, giving the message that homossexuality always lead to unhappy endings. Anyway, I just want to find out what as the name. Does anyone knows?
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    Re: vintage B&W lesbian movie can´t remember ...

    Hi! This sounds a little like The Fox

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