too much love? is there such a thing?

Discussion in 'General Advice' started by sofakingsweet, May 5, 2014.

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    I am curious to know if in a lesbian relationship the heat and love are more passionate than in a straight relationship at least in the beginning? Does it tend to move faster and be more passionate with two women (I'm familiar with the UHAUL lesbian joke)or are me and this girl really in love? This is my first relationship, if you want to call it that, because she's not my gf. We're more like forbidden lovers and although it's soon to be over, I've never felt this kind of love for someone before nor have I ever received this special love from someone before. I've been in love before but it was never corresponded. We're in our mid-twenties so it's not a teen summer love. Its definitely real and we talk about the future and how we would be with each other but can't, unfortunately. So, do two women who are together tend to rush the love and passion? I know every relationship, regardless of gender, has that heat in the beginning, but is it more with 2 women?
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    I don't normally comment, but you remind me of myself.
    I'm bisexual and from my experience, the heat and passion can be with either sex.
    I do find that a relationship title happens more quickly with men. Maybe they are more possessive or like to be able to say that something is theirs. Some women are the same. Mostly though, my relationships with women have always had me connected on a deeper level. The level of intimacy is initially always higher.
    I think that only you can know if you and this girl are really in love.
    The experience is different for everyone. I have this woman in my life that no matter who I'm with, who she's with, where we live or how many years have passed. She is still the only person I try to be good enough for. We had the heat and an intense passion from the moment we first kissed. I had a shot quite a while ago and let my insecurities get in the way. Somehow though, we always find ourselves pulled back together. We literally cannot spend more than a few months without talking or seeing one another. I compare every person I date to her, and they never quite stackup.
    To try to answer the question. The heat and the passion that come with falling in love are impossible to stop. You can fight it because you think it's happening to fast. Or blame it on a particular sex. Chances are, that fighting just makes the pull towards them even stronger.

    Good luck, I hope everything works out for you
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    Gay, straight, black, white, yellow, liberal, bigot... love is love.

    Who you meet, how the sparks fly is different every time.
    I feel in love with a woman in a gay club, it was intense. A few months of hard drinking, sex and dance and quickly ended, the whole time I knew the relationship was never solid. But I was for sure, IN LOVE. That was years ago and I know now that it would have ended at any time. I would have preferred more time, so I could have seen the problems.

    My wife, chatted here and there, finally hooked up which was intense. FELT something that first night. When *I* date/FWB someone, I never say "love" to anyone. No BS. But with her, we said "Liked" strongly, which turned into "I love you" within a week. Its been a few years and I am thankful for our love every day.

    When you have more ex-relationships under your belt (ONS, FWB, booty-calls, GF), then you will see that different people will give you fireworks or warm water. But, if you have a LONG dry spell... getting that next hookup/date can be intense. I dated/had sex with 3 women and 3 guys on weekends over a 5 week period. All were hot/cute/etc from 22 to 40years old. Week 1, date and sex with 22yr athletic girl. Fun and simple time. Week 3 was with a 35yr woman, sexy but with fake breasts - pretty good GF factor. Avg. excitement... but was getting bored with 2nd time in bed. Week 5, meet future wife, age 29. Great kisser, energy between us was amazing. First official date a few days later, I promise her full honesty. I'm still friends with girl who was 22, love talking to her when we meet.
    Year later, we still get goose bumps and we still see ourselves growing old together. We have never ever called each other names. Even when in bed sleeping, we love to just "touch" each other... a foot, a hand, a shoulder.

    Some find TRUE love early, others... it may take dozens or hundreds of people to find that "one".

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