The troubled tale of Cat and her pursuit of l...

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    The film Cat Skin tells the intimate tale of a young and troubled photographer and her prusuit of love. Our protagonist, Cat, is self-reliant due to troubled family situations. She keeps to herself, remaining on the fringe of the usual social college life. April, a music student at her college, captures her attention and Cat becomes infatuated with her classmate. The pair are dissimilar in their personalities, Cat introverted and April overwhelmingly popular and outgoing, but Cat is willing to pursue her, by any means. She captures April from afar on film, but the distances between the pair soon reduce. Cat and April fall into each others lives and develop a close friendship which will be tested to its utmost limit.

    If you'd like to see the trailer for the film, please check out our Kickstarter campaign here perhaps even share it with a few friends. It's a project I've been developing for the past year. It would great to know what you think or if you have any advice on reaching out. The campaign is doing well so far, we even got a review on the website but we've still got a long journey ahead of us before we reach our goal.

    I look forward to any comments,
    Thank you :)


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