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Discussion in 'General Advice' started by sugarstorm, Sep 10, 2013.

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    I've been working at my new work for about a month now and I recently told a few of my colleagues that I was gay. As we were all discussing relationships. Anyway I told a few and they were all like "really?, no way do you look like one" the usual stuff.

    Moving on this girl who is from Poland at work has always been really nice to me even though her English isnt really good. One day she started joking about with me and I was like I think she is flirting with me. She then said she needed to ask me something important and texted me saying that she was gay and that she liked me. I was like ohh as if I dont fancy someone instantly, I will never get feelings for them.

    One night we were working late and I offered to drive her home and when we got to hers she confessed I was the first girl she liked and she kissed me, it was only brief so I didn't have chance to pull away. This all happened just a week ago and I found out the other day that I have to move in 2 weeks to go back to uni, I told her and she was crying and said how could I leave her.

    She told me the other day that she cut herself as I was leaving her and that she loved me and she would wait for me. To clarify we are not dating and it has only been one week. What Im trying to ask is for advice as to what to do with this crazy situation.
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    That's obsession in one week. Maybe she is very alone and that's why she is being like that. If it's not freaking you out and you want to help her, there is still time to make her understand that you can't just give up on your dreams, and you could keep the connection to calm her down, although words wouldn't cover the pain much. Don't feel bad if you want to forget about her, you have no obligation.

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