The cute cashier at the craft store :)

Discussion in 'Does She Like Me?' started by cheval_amant, Aug 1, 2014.

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    Hi ladies!

    So picture it- craft store, cute cashier girl about your age (we're both mid twenties)
    You're standing in line.
    She's with a customer.
    While her current customer is paying/rummaging through purse this cashier (let's call her T because that's the only part of her nametag I remember because she had long beautiful blonde hair)
    T aka the cashier looks up and starts staring directly at my eyes and at me.
    I look up from feeling her glance and our eyes meet. She smiles at me whilst looking in my eyes for a really long time.
    I sense something but I'm still doubtful of course but smile back.
    She still looks deep into me then to her current customer.
    I see that I'm next and get to buy items at her station.
    Normal hi how are you conversation.
    I start sweating. My voice tightens a little and I'm insanely nervous.
    She takes my glass candle jars and asks if I've found everything okay.
    Normal questions ok...I'm thinking she's just nice and friendly.
    Then as she puts my candle (glass jars here) in plastic I kindly ask if she could wrap them in paper.
    I then follow it up with trying to be charming by saying: "I don't trust myself with glass."
    She laughs and says "I understand."
    She asks if I've signed up for their emails.
    I say "I'm asked EVERYTIME I'm here for my address so I think so."
    She says "then you must be getting them haha."
    Then she talks to a coworker motions across the way with her hands and then looks back at me and asks if I have any coupons.
    "Yes I say!"
    I pull out the smart phone and she scans it.
    She says "Oh and you have one of the really good ones."
    We both laugh.
    I'm nervous now...but after seeing her mention to a coworker that her break was next I figured again that she was just being nice.

    Then she does the usual have a good day and I return the sentiment and thank her.
    She casually ends up at the exit where I am and says again while staring at me and putting hand baskets away
    "Have a good day beauty."

    Just as I go to return the automatic "thanks you too."
    It hits me like a slap.
    She called me beauty.
    This isn't just straight girl friendly is it?..
    Cause I caught her staring and smiling/checking me out.
    THEN she didn't have to say that to me again. AT THE EXIT.
    20ft from the registers.

    What do you think?
    I'm planning to go back soon and try and find her and maybe eventually ask for coffee sometime.

    Was that flirting? Do all girls say this?
    Mind you she didn't strike me to have some kind of southern bell style to where saying "beauty" or "doll" is common.
    And any advice on how to navigate asking her out?
    Or just basic flirting advice?
    I do think I should mention that I remembered her somehow/say how I was hoping to see her again.

    Thanks for reading! I know it's long but I didn't want to miss any details.
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    Aug 17, 2014
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    Aw, that's adorable! The girl seemed so into you! You should ask her out for a cup of coffee the next time you see her! Even if she isn't into you, which is very unlikely, she may make a great friend! Good luck! :D

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