The BBC is always killing off the lesbians!

Discussion in 'TV' started by JThom, Jan 2, 2016.

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    Jan 2, 2016
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    Has anyone else observed that the BBC seems to find it imposible to allow gay or lesbian relationships to last or be successful. Another favourite is to make the gay men complete charicatures (totally camp) or lesbians total head cases or criminals.

    For example:
    - Casualty (medical soap opera - young lesbian couple get married, one with a homophobic father. Father turns up at wedding, causes chaos, accidents happen and one of the young wives dies).
    - Casualty (medical soap opera - older lesbian couple. One dies).
    - Last Tango in Halifax. (lesbian main characters get married. Less than three days later, one of them is knocked down by a car and dies).
    - Lip Service - The BBC's answer to The L Word and allegedly written by a lesbian. All the characters either unreliable, incapable of having long term relationships, or when they do get in a long term relationship cheat, are unrelenting philanderers, or just basic thieving or cheating criminals. And then guess what? One of the main characters dies!

    Is it an example of institutionalised homophobia? Is someone at the BBC trying to tell us that LGBT relationships can't last/don't work? Just what is it all about?

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