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    Jan 15, 2016
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    (Also, posted on my tumblr)

    It starts with a casual hook up; you meet randomly when you least expect it, have a couple of drinks, flirt & talk but in reality your eyes speak louder than your voices can. You end up spending the night together in her apartment-she’s an artist: fewer pieces of furniture, full bookshelves, their art supplies being literally everywhere, you’re even lying on a few of them.

    The next morning, you two wake up: sleepy eyes, the sun’s somehow trying to wake up with you two as well. She offers to make you coffee and while you’re waiting for her, you’re watching her making coffee. She serves it to you in somewhat broken cups. Silently, you two drink coffee and out of the sudden, she offers to draw you. “No! I look a mess” and you feel like a mess but she insists and there you are, trying to “pose for her”, covering your naked body with the sheet that witnessed your love-making a few hours ago….

    She sits on the only chair in the flat, grabs the pencil from the floor, her sheet of paper and begins; she draws, keeps drawing, glances at you and smiles and you blush because you finally realize that she’s still naked and you can finally see her body and you’re fascinated by it…

    She stops-you can see her blue eyes studying her own creation. She gets up and hands it to you. She kisses your lips and then… You wake up. You think it’s a dream but then you find the drawing; She was here with you, that’s her place you’re at, her bed you’re in. And you see her, making coffee, wearing little clothing and you wonder “What’s next?”…

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