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    "The 100" TV show on the CW channel about 100 young (18 y/o & younger) people who are sent to Earth 97 years after nuclear war made the Earth uninhabitable.
    OMG, the 2 main young (18-ish) female characters look like Emma & Regina from OUaT & are antagonistic towards each other.
    Clarke (Emma) has blonde hair & light-colored eyes who is the sympathetic, practical one.
    Octavia (Regina) is the dark hair, dark eyed, sarcastic bitchy one.
    I will be shipping these 2 just like I do Emma/Regina.
    BTW, Clarke's Mom "Dr Abigail Griffin" who is the Doctor on the Space Station is played by Paige Turco who was on "NYPD Blue" (Office Abby Sullivan) in 1996-1997. She is as gorgeous now as she was then.
    And one more "ship" is Clarke's Mom "Dr Abigail Griffin" & her "best friend" CeCe played by Kelly Hu. In the show so far, CeCe has called Abby "darling", referred to her as her "best friend" multiple times, held hands & hugged her very affectionately.

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