Telling me to back off or just PDA?

Discussion in 'Relationships' started by Love*Cali, Apr 8, 2014.

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    Aug 29, 2013
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    I work as a server. I had a lesbian couple yesterday. They were cuddling and sitting close throughout their time there. However, just as I was approaching their table with their drinks, one of them saw me - had looked directly up at me- and turned, on cue, to kiss her girlfriend tenderly. The fact that she made eye contact just before choosing to do it, and did it when she knew I'd be there at the table, made it intentional. It was not a full on make out; it was a 3 second kiss.

    The impression I had was that she was letting her partner know she wasn't into me or she was trying to show me that they were both taken and that I should not try hitting on them. Frankly, I was just doing my job and had no interest in either of them (though I am bisexual). I was not chatty or particularly full of smiles. There should have been no reason for them to think I wanted them. It was awkward because I felt the need to show I was just a friendly server and had no intentions of intruding. And of course, it's always awkward to have a couple start kissing in front of you.

    I had a heterosexual couple do this in the past as well. I was approaching -only about 2 feet away so far- and the woman looked up at me and then turned to kiss the guy she was with. Obviously it could have waited until I was gone 30 seconds later. The eye contact -the recognition that I am there- makes it clearly intentional.

    Can you try to give some explanation as to why some couples do this? Do they do it because they think I'm going to try hitting on them or their partner?
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    Usually I see on the streets. Last time it happened on Valentine's Day, one happy mfracker holding his girlfriend's hand, both in their 30s, very happy and gigglyinginging and all that stuff that no one smart buys it, they didn't kissed until they were like 1 meter in front of me. Usually when they come from the opposite sense, they don't kiss until they are close enough to me so I can see how they share each other's droll and suck the food between their teeth that was eaten last night. Some want to intimidate you, others think they are envied, also what you said PDA. You don't have to pay attention, they are very happy for having sex and acting like sex is something that's going to extinct one day.
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    For some it is their kink, to be observed while canoodling. I don't find it particularly polite as it can make people uncomfortable. However, it is much better for them to be kissing than fighting.

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