Tell It To The Bees

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    I am a queer woman and I did not grow up in a home where being gay was an option. When I was a teenager it was still not something widely accepted and accurately represented in the media and entertainment industry. As I got older, and went off to University I met some wonderful people who introduced me to a community I could finally identify with. When I ready Fiona Shaw's - Tell It To The Bees I was so incredibly moved by the bravery, beauty and honesty in Lydia & Jean's story. The book inspired the notion that people fought for love above all else and were willing to sacrifice their sense of security for that love. As soon as I heard the book was being adapted into a film I was over the moon. "Finally", I thought to myself, "We will get to see two kick ass women fight for their happily ever after as leads in a film".

    I just watched the world premiere at the Toronto International Film festival. It is a beautiful movie and Anna Paquin and Holliday Grainger were truly spectacular. Unfortunately, the ending was changed and I was left disheartened by the screen writers choice to do so.

    I understand that LGBTQ+ people in the 1950's were often forced to live apart. But we have already seen plenty of movies and tv shows that reinforce that reality. But the book was not about that. The book was about two women who despite the time and circumstance chose to love each other and raise Charlie together as a family. The new ending reinforced a patriarchy that we know too well and left me feeling as though we have not moved nearly as far as we need to in society.

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