Straight Husband Help with Bisexual Wife

Discussion in 'Bisexuality' started by PrimalByte, Feb 14, 2020.

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    Feb 14, 2020
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    For 23 years now I've been in a relationship with her and married her 5 years ago. We have a child, a teenager.
    I'm her male husband.
    For 7 months she has rejected my advances now and it all boiled over and now we're separated. She needs space on her own.
    Last year when I asked her was it me, she said 'No, it's my fault'. She never explained.
    I've been thinking and I now believe she is a closet bisexual.
    She has a few female friends that she used to be to book nights!
    So if she was, how should I approach her?
    When I was in the home before the separation she would physically shudder if I brought up anything about us. She would say I need space or time.
    I kept on asking until I heard from a friend that she now wanted me out.
    So I confronted her, asking if there was anyone else. She said no.
    Yes I did at first think it was a male, but I'm now leaning to a bisexual female lover.
    If she is, I think I could come to some arrangement with our relationship. Keeping it together.
    What should I say?
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    Jul 14, 2018
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    You should talk to her. Humble yourself and ask with utter sincerity how she feels about you and your relationship with her. Then, just listen. It seems as if your assertion that she is bisexual is derivative of your own insecurity.

    What if something happened in your relationship that was so traumatic, be it emotional or physical, that caused the distance between you two? Did you hurt her in some way? Do you value her? Is it possible that something transpired between you two that is making her fall out of love with you? If so, fix it. Take steps to repair on your end what is broken.

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