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Discussion in 'Does She Like Me?' started by GreenBeen, Mar 13, 2014.

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    So there's this friend of mine whom I met this summer through another friend at university. She knows I'm gay. We've never hung out one on one,but we have the same group of friends at university, and we often see each other at parties and get togethers. It's funny because I never was attracted to her before. I don't know what happened, but suddenly one night I was talking to her, and I just started to feel attracted to her. The recent times When I know she's going to come to a get together, I feel that nervous/happy feeling in my stomach. I have tried not to make it show that I'm attracted to her, because I wouldn't want to make anything awkward between us. However, I usually never comment on her facebook photos, but she posted one the other day and told her I thought she looked pretty. When I was talking to her one night, I don't know what it is, I just started to get shy when I was giving her eye contact. I was smiling and looking deep into her eyes, and I get the feeling that she may know I'm into her. Sometimes when I'm around her I'm always laughing for no reason. She finds it funny, and she often wonders why. Do you think she knows I like her?

    But there's not much of a point since she prefers men. One of my friends knows I'm starting to like her and told me there's nothing that's gonna happen but she wanted to talk to her for me. Which I told her not too. I guess there's nothing much to be done for this crush, since she's straight. However I have noticed her staring at me sometimes at parties but that may not mean anything. So I guess I should just keep this crush as a fantasy or is there something to be done girls?!
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    She probably could sense something but if you tell her she will be surprised. I usually say run from people who say they are straight but if this is messing with your head I would simply ask her if she would consider being on a date with you. It will be awkward but it will be one of those things where you won't have to wonder about anymore if you asked her.
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    If she is in fact straight, then you may need to take some steps to start to get over her. I think giving yourself a little space will help. Try to spend time with her only in groups and spend less time with her overall. Eventually the feelings will fade and you'll find someone new that you like who is also into you. Trust me, its always better when the person you're crushing on is also crushing on you.

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