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Discussion in 'Relationships' started by Traveller :), Dec 8, 2013.

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    I will try keep it short :).

    So there's this girl (obviously ;) ) who I met online and she is my perfect girl, she pretty much ticks every box. So a couple of weeks after we met I moved 250 miles away for a job. I asked her what she wanted to do because there was a definite connection but I couldn't expect her to wait for me. She said she would wait and we would try long distance and see how it goes. It has been difficult but we made it work and I tried to go home as much as possible and when we see each other it is amazing. You know when it just feels right and you forget everything else that's going on?

    Anyway fast forward to now, I only have 2 weeks before I go back for the holidays which we had so much planned for the two weeks I was back. Anyway out of nowhere she ended it on Friday. She got a new job in September which is pretty hectic but my job is hectic as well so I thought we could try work our schedules round work and try and see each other. Turns out she didn't have the same view and pretty much said work came first. I'm absolutely gutted because I thought we were both on the same page in the sense of feelings for each other, where we wanted this to go and how much we wanted to make it work but apparently not. She said she doesn't want to keep letting me down but I want her to see we can make it work by planning in advance and stuff and both of us being flexible.

    Basically I was wondering if you guys had any advice of how I can make her realise us breaking up is the wrong thing and how simple it is for us to make it work. She asked to see my when I'm back at Christmas which I said I would let her know but that's because I was mad. I want to put up a good fight because of how perfect we are for each other and definitely don't want to lose her. Any ideas??

    Thanks in advance :)
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    Hi Traveller,

    It could be too late to answer but, here I go... I guess she is just tired of waiting/travelling/driving 250 miles to be with you.
    Lets be practical here, sometimes its hard to keep up with hectic work and all you want to do is just cuddle with that one person for 5 mins and forget all the tiredness! I'm not against the long distance relationships but its very hard to keep up however, if you are career oriented this is the best thing :) I guess she will still see you now and then but, you may not get that constant attention you use to. Please let us know if your situation has changed.

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