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    I've only created this thread as I am new to forums and I cannot find a topic on this series. I am a little bit frustrated, as last week I read in a post that there would be skins recaps. And now there will be no recaps as the ending has not suited the writers of these recaps! Well boo flippin hoo! It was emotional, heartbreaking, not everything happens as you would like, at the end of the day it is a drama programme! They gave us drama. They also gave us a lesbian (Naomi) who has many friends and her housemates' fella accepts her without question, no awkwardness, they did all the coming out shit when they were younger. It doesn't even bother him that naomi and emily keep him awake all night. And yes they left a lot of emily and naomi stuff out but it wasn't about them, it was about effy! If em and naoms had their own show it may have been different.
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    Skins Fire: An open letter to Jess Brittain

    Dear Jess,

    We need to talk. Actually no, I’m going to talk and you’re going to listen. What you did is not okay. In fact, it was really really irresponsible, self-indulgent and just plain mean. I’m talking about your script for Skins Fire (what else).

    I don’t know if you realise the extent to which you’ve just betrayed some of the most loyal fans of Skins, fans that without whom, you wouldn’t have had the chance – no, the privilege – to write for Naomi and Emily.

    You need to understand, Jess, that when you took the hands of these characters, you also held the hearts of millions of fans around the world. People who have given as much back to Skins as Skins gave to us. We earned these characters with every retweet, fanvid, recap, post and fanfic that helped make Skins into the phenomenon it is, that kept it alive for these years so that one day someone would go “Yep, we could still make some money out of this show, let’s bring it back”. You didn’t earn the right to write them, but we were wiling to give you a chance.

    And you know, we didn’t ask for much, Jess. Even though we waited for years and kept the fandom strong, we would have been happy with just a titbit of Naomily. Titbits are what we’re used to, you see. We’re used to having to scour the world for characters who represent our sexuality on screen, and when we find them, we know they’ll usually leave us too soon. Their chances of dying, or going crazy, or being obsessed with having a baby or turning straight are high. We’ve fallen in love with and lost more representations of ourselves on screen than you know. You certainly don’t understand this, or you wouldn’t have made the choices you did.

    Naomily was different, you see. They were special. Lesbian audiences have never really had a “Sleepless in Seattle” or a ‘The Notebook” or a “When Harry met Sally”. Then we got Naomily. And it wasn’t a lesbian love story but it was a love story with queer characters, and it was possibly one of the best love stories ever written. Lots of us thought so, anyway. That’s why we took care of them so well while you moved on to other jobs. They were never a job for us, they were a passion and a delight. We read and re-read those beautiful recaps by Heather Hogan, crafted those fan videos, introduced your characters to more people around the world with our gushing over Tumblr and Twitter. We spent millions of hours of our free time to write gazillions of words that imagined new worlds for those characters to live in while you were gone. So yes, you had a responsibility to us and to those characters that we gave a home to in our hearts.

    When talking about who’s been brought back for Season 7, I’ve heard you writers say things like, “These were the characters that resonated the most with us, and we wanted to explore them further”. You choose these characters to bring back because they spoke to you. Then instead of honouring them, you used them in your own writing experiment. It’s unacceptable any more to go “This is how I want it, and the fans will like it or not.” We know that modern-day television is a dialogue, not a monologue. We understand our power now, you see. If it was really just about who was an interesting, complex character who had more to say, you would have chosen a character like Frankie. She was a complicated, complex character – BUT THE FANS HATED HER. (Who wrote her episodes again? Oh, it was you?) So don’t try and make out like you didn’t take into consideration what characters would pull in viewers and create hype when you choose to bring back Effy, Naomily, Cook and Cassie. You used our love of certain characters and then you threw that love back in our faces with a storyline I find hard to stomach, it is so goddamn bad.

    So you wanted to explore the difficulties of growing up, and things not turning out the way you plan in your early twenties? Was making our driven, passionate Naomi into a stoned, crappy stand up comedian who couldn’t get a job not enough?
    Oh, so you wanted to talk about life’s random cruelties and how unfair it is? I’m pretty sure you could have thought of something better than exploring terminal cancer in less than 30 minutes of airtime! Guess what? Ilene Chaiken spent a whole season exploring the theme of cancer in the L Word, and killed off a fan favourite, AND WE STILL HATE HER FOR IT. Your 30 mins of bleak, unnecessary bullshit was, quite frankly, a slap in the face.

    Sloppy, wanton, bizarre, self-indulgent bollockywankshite Jess Brittain (and the team). We were brave, and wanted you back. But you broke us, and you broke our hearts. Shame on you.

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