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Discussion in 'All Other Musicians' started by entertainmentguruwannabe, Mar 31, 2015.

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    So I'm obsessed with music (all sorts, generally), so being a good singer/musician is probably one of the most seriously attractive things to me, ever. I'm sure I'm not the only one! Who else is uber into musicians/singers?

    Sharing some of mine to start off with (Warning and apologies for my crazy ranting):
    *Sara Bareilles is absolutely my favorite contemporary singer-songwriter, and I have the biggest thing for her ever. She just has the most ridiculously soothing, beautiful voice. And she's so pretty (in that totally non conventional way that I find super attractive), and she's funny and down to earth. What gets better than that?! <3 (Also her amazing single Brave which gives me all the gay people feels, of course)
    *500% my girl Beyonce who is a f'ckn' QUEEN, and is some sort of crazy Amazonian goddess that dropped out of the sky and onto this earth to grace us with her impossible beauty and talent. And also her legs - that take up 75% of her entire body proportion.
    *Ok, totally a newer one and NO ONE JUDGE ME, but Lauren Jauregui from 5th Harmony. I know that 5H is a "guilty pleasure" band, but those girls are talented, make catchy ass music, and Lauren is the most under appreciated with the PRETTIEST voice ever that I could drown in for days zomg. And she's GORGEOUS too with these incredible eyes and exotic-ness, and oh my goodness...It definitely helps the crushing along.
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    I listen to the music by different genre but I don't get obsessed to any singer.

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