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Discussion in 'Does She Like Me?' started by SensingOwls, Apr 18, 2017.

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    Hi all

    I recently met up with a girl who I was chatting to on Tinder. This is not my first Tinder rodeo, but every situation can be different and so I would like some advice on what I should do next in this situation as I can't quite read her. I'll give a little back story with hopes of no one slipping into a coma in the process.

    She messaged me, and so we began chatting which turned into an every day thing for about 2,5 weeks. Then I suggested we meet up, which she agreed to but didn't initially decide on a day. So it was agreed we'd meet up sometime on the weekend. That was last week, after that conversation, the next day we chatted and then she just stopped replying so I left it at that as I don't like to press on people.

    Weekend came around, she texted asking if I'd still like to meet up, so I said yeah of course and so we met up. It went good, not great in the sense that she seems rather shy and she did mention before that she's a little awkward (which I find adorable) so I ensured to keep conversation going and asked questions as she seemed rather shy and nervous.

    I messaged her when I got home saying I had fun and enjoyed meeting her and she said likewise, we exchanged a few texts and she hasn't replied since 2 days ago.

    I plan to text her today to ask if she'd like to meet up again, as I would. Because I like her, she's smart, funny and honest. I'm a fan of her shyness of course.

    My question is, do you think she's just a little reserved and shy or just uninterested? She is not an overly expressive person in general so I find it hard to read her. I am a rather shy person myself however I have enough experience to have learned that I got to put myself out there and let my feelings be known if I want anything to happen.

    Bearing in mind we did meet on Tinder and so I'm more than likely not the only girl she's talking to which is normal of course, it's just a little daunting. (I've deleted mine as I can get over it relatively quickly) I just want to pursue without making her feel uncomfortable or obligated if she is simply uninterested.

    Thanks for reading if you're still awake :)
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    You can only express what you want and if she is not replying then there is no second guessing her at this point. She could be in the middle of something and can't get back to you but all you can do is establish a pattern of what she is like. It is okay to reach out a couple a times if she doesn't answer and then let it drop. I have had texts not get through at all and sometimes my gf and I would have misunderstandings over it.

    I feel like I need to simplify my answer.... I think I may understand you, because I am a shy person as well and it had been hard for me to learn to be frank and confront. Find someone who suits you, someone you are not afraid to ask if she got your message. Someone you would be comfortable with and never feel like you are just trying to be cool to around her. I know for some people things are more rom-com, but for me, usually the person who wanted to click with me made just as much effort as I did to connect and we could just talk right away like old friends.
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