Should I....Or should i not??

Discussion in 'General Advice' started by alex.m, Jun 28, 2014.

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    So there's this hot chick that i work with occasionally during the week. At first it became really awkward, i had to come in one night to catch up on a project and i didn't know she was working that night. So i went about my business as i usually do trying to get finished so i wouldn't be there all night. while i was working i felt something burning into the back of my head so i turned around and it was her. At this point we never talked no much than a "hi" and goodbye, so i asked her could i help her with something and she smiled and said no. so then i asked why are you in here this time of night and she replied with idk just on break. so me feeling a little weird by now because she hadn't taken her eyes off me or left. i asked her why she was standing there looking at me. She blushed and said because she liked seeing me work and just wanted to stand there. i said OK and continued with my business, the whole time she didn't take her eyes off me.

    The only reason why I'm telling you this is because if i openly ask her out, not knowing if shes in the closet, interested or just yanking my chain i wouldn't want to crash and burn. I know she likes me i can tell by now after dealing with the constant flirting and i made her jealous today at work by talking to another chick but you know i still want to know should i ask? or wait? and do you think that first encounter with her said enough to pursue her.
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    Should, if you're going to go though the effort to type a post like this, the answer is always SHOULD. why not just ask her to a friendly lunch and see where it goes?

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