Should I move to be closer to her?

Discussion in 'Relationships' started by marissac12233, Jul 11, 2014.

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    I am currently 24 and have moved out on my own after graduating college 2 years ago. I've been dating my current girlfriend for about a year and a half now. We met through mutual college friends but didn't start dating until after we graduated. She grew up in my college town. When I moved, we worked on the long distance, about 2 hours. Then she actually decided to move with a couple of her friends to the same town I had moved to. We didn't live together but spent basically every day and night together. She ended up being really homesick, this was her first real move away from her hometown, so she moved back to her family's house after about a year. We plan on trying to work on the long distance. We have been taking it day by day and so far it has worked really well. We try to see each other at least every other weekend.

    She just got her dream job back in her hometown and honestly I doubt she will ever move away. She is such a family person and now with landing this dream job I would be shocked if she ever moved away. I'm so happy for her, but I can't help but be a little concerned on how our relationship will go from here. I feel like I'm too young to drop everything and move to her hometown but at the same time we can't keep living hours apart forever. I also have always wanted to move around a little and explore, if I move to her hometown I feel like it's almost a step backwards since that's where I spent 4 years in college, it wouldn't be a new experience. I love her and she makes me so happy but she would really be the only thing there for me. She would have her family, some friends, different sport leagues she's on, her dream job. I wouldn't have family or friends or any of that. I also don't think that town would have any real job opportunities for me either. Now I'm just rambling. But I would be interested in hearing some advice or any words of wisdom. I think moving to her hometown is a little too much, but I'm ready move away from the town I am in now, I'm just not quite sure where, I don't want to move farther from her but I don't like where I am now.

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    Hi marissac12233,

    I'm not sure but the distance is still 2 hrs apart ? I commute about same time everyday from home to school (Precisely 3-4 hrs/day). I know its hard but, I don't understand why you two are meeting only on the other weekends? Aren't there any other big cities around so that you can still manage commute?

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