...shopping advice for androgynous fashion?

Discussion in 'General Advice' started by _mirage_, May 16, 2015.

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    Bleh. I'm not sure if this is what AE had in mind when it created the "General Advice" thread. But, I'll give it a shot and see how it goes. Unless I'm at a fancy event, I prefer a good dose of "unisex" or what I suppose one labels as "androgynous" clothing. Two issues with that: 1). Fantastic stores such as Veer and Wildfang are hella costly, despite the fact I salivate over their products. 2). There rarely seems to be clothes/shoes available in size 00/0(24/25), XXS/XS, or 5 (shoe). My semi-usual stores are PacSun, Hot Topic, and TooFast.

    So, I'm basically asking if anyone occasionally or full out rocks andro style, where the heck do you get your clothes?

    Have a good one!

    PS. Super excited for the reveal of Ellen's new line on the 18th.
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    Jul 18, 2013
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    My wife likes Uniqlo for androgynous/menswear clothes. They tend to run small, and have solid basic pieces that suit her taste. She also gets most of her non-pink, non-lacy underwear there (which is pretty hard to find in standard stores! Though Hanes has a line of briefs for women that is CLEARLY dykewear). Her dress pants are from are men's Gap, and sometimes we scour the boy's section for awesome t-shirts.

    Other than that, it's mostly thrift stores and consignment, and altering clothes at home. I skinny ties for her, and she adds darts to shirts and hems pants to fit her frame.
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  3. Spygirl

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    Uniqlo -- don't know much about them except that my favorite men's tennis player (Djokovic) wears their clothes...and yes, a lesbian can have a favorite men's tennis player (he gave me his wristband at Wimbledon). :) So yeah, other than that I have nothing to add.
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  4. Bluenote

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    I dress more tomboy than androgynous. But Levis has pretty good jeans that aren't too girly. If you are slim in the hips you can wear mens Levis. Or get the womens styles that are neutral. Lands End has some good button downs. And zappos has tons of shoes.
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