she's greedy for sex .. Part 2

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    Jul 27, 2013
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    Anyway days passed, we were giving ourselves more chance to get closer as friends, at one evening I was with claire in the kitchen that’s just facing the room of Sabin when she came out in a very sexy shorts.. and it was a BIG shock for me to see who came out of her room with her.. yes it was Mark,yes it was the guy that I danced with him in a crazy way ! I stood
    up infront of them speechless .. and she said: hey let me introduce you to my BF ! I was almost unable to stand straight knowing that he was flirting with me almost without knowing that I’m her friend.. we shook hands and I swear both of our hands were freezing.. we sat outside all of us and both of me and him were unable to say a word
    :| ..
    I tried to avoid that by just leaving the place specially after I knew the story how much does she like him or even love him. That felt even worst for me… 2 weeks after. Sabin and Mark no longer together !!! she was crying almost 3 days after, and to avoid this or to escape from this she started dating someone else.. yeah she is crazy about sex !
    Week after, we went again to a night club and she was there, we’ve been all dancing and enjoying the lovely music.. after 1 or 2 hours she was as drunk as I never seen her before :!: .. while I was dancing with someone, she came and she took my hand to dance together just like friends having fun , the dance was again something really close but sure I wasn’t grinding on her still holding though… when she whispered in my ears : there is something I always wanted to tell you :arrow: , I insisted to know what was it?? And voila expected answer: :shock: [color=#FF0000[u]]I always wanted to try being with a girl .. mmmm I simply answer by : let me be the one ! with a smile on her face, she pulled me closer and said I want to sleep with you tonight[/u][/color]: .. omg that for me was so strange request specially I know she’s dating someone but well she was just drunk ! and as I wasn’t comfortable to do anything with her even though I could,, I simply stopped dancing with her pretending to be tired and we left back home after.. she still texted me that on phone, I was even more uncomfortable and just ignored the message and went to my room for a sleep that was full of thoughts !again one more night passed.. it was ok in the morning and we both did like she didn’t say anything as I just didn’t want to cause her probs with her ‘’ new BF ‘’
    And so day after day I was still thinking about it .. :roll:
    Less than 12 days, after gym : but you don’t understand !!! a shout that came out of her lips to her BF.. and he answered by : but you are just a bitch ! and voila we all knew that it’s over between them.. I wondered it should be claire?? Coz she was close friend of me anyway.. I opened the door to find Sabin with her beautiful sBack home and everyone went to his room.. around 1:00 am someone was knocking my room !!i just opened the door to see her beautiful mile, wet hair and just a towel on ! I swear I had no idea what to do or how to react :eek: .. I just let her in my room and closed the door looking at her eyes telling her that listen let us speak as friends plz not more ..
    She thrown herself in my bed and asked me to just sit and speak.. I held her from behind and allowed her head to lean on my shoulders that I was able to feel how wet her hair was on me, I was able to feel and caress her body while holding her
    .. I admit I knew I wouldn’t be able to handle it or control myself for long but still I tried to resist :oops: .. she turned her head little bit and she put a kiss on my neck followed by : sorry !
    i'll continue soon :-s
  2. Harpy

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    Jul 2, 2013
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    Hey Caro-

    Can you post the additional parts in your original topic please? That way readers will be able to follow the story in one topic and all of the comments will be there. You can just copy and paste this addition in the original thread and post subsequent others there as well. :)

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