she's greedy for sex... - part 1

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    There was 6 of them sitting, two were just putting fake smiles and pretending to be listening to each other.. rest were with their bottle of wine and glasses.. a moment of silence happened when I showed up for the first time with another person saying : bonsoir with a very shaking voice..
    I could see nothing more than the cigarette melting between her lips .. and I just left pretending to arrange my things, and came back after asking for the password of the net connection.. with a rude of Chef : she answered nothing and turned around again..
    Followed by sorry you ask me? :!: And voila first night passed. To wake up in the morning finding myself alone in the kitchen thinking that I was late but it was the opposite.
    40 mins later: they started to show in the kitchen, the first was sitting eating her Jam, second was just sitting holding an old magazine, and then she came , nice morning smile and ‘’ coucou’’ was the word she said – French word to say hi -.. again holding her cigarette with a cup of coffee this time.. with a quick eye contact it was easy for me to see she’s hiding something behind those beautiful eyes..
    I’m sure I wasn’t the only one who got attracted by her beauty.. but I sure didn’t translate it into anything knowing that it was just my first day at that place..
    they decided to go out in the evening all of us together and me being part of the team I decided to go with them even if I didn’t want to go because I’m not socially confident. I was anyway glad I’ll get the chance to see her again.. 6 people are ready in the car including me, 1 is missing.. but where is Sabin :?: they answered she’s not coming. I wished then if I stayed but we left anyway..
    days were moving and I realized the first look I had for her wasn’t just attracted to her beauty but I was falling in love with her slowly coz I was trying to convince myself I have no feelings for her ! :roll:
    4 weeks after.. we were 4 of us in a night club trying to have nice team dance and as usual she wasn’t there,, between all the people who were dancing that nice handsome guy who greeted from distance the people with me (friend of the team) followed by his steps coming close to us saying would you like to dance? knowing I was the only girl then he speaks to me? :? Yes it was me.. ‘’ awkward because the song was zouk style.. and zouk dance is basically grinding we know that ‘’ .. standing behind me—turning me around and just with his hands on my waist- pulling me closer I was able to feel how warm/hot his body :oops: ..we started to dance.. I would lie or deny the fact that I was getting slowly turned on feeling his body getting closer and grinding on mine from front..
    My team were observing this with a smirk smile on their face, I wasn’t able to stop him or even me from getting more close to each other turning ourselves on ! and we didn’t stop for all the following songs .. we both were almost gone in different world.. dark night club helped us on that till I heard my team saying: hey we should go because it’s late.. they left and unexpectedly he held my face between his hands and put a very soft kiss on my lips that made me think: omg what I was doing !! I felt good and bad at the same time..
    We left back home to have all the team teasing me in the car and you know what friends do ..
    Days are still passing and I was seeing Sabin everyday.. the beautiful smiley girl who’s so confident about herself !
    Finally that day she decided to go out with us came.. and I realized how much does she drink.. that’s not normal quantities I said to myself and yes it should be obvious that she’s really hiding something ..
    We were all talking, smiling and having nice time.. then her phone ringed to show a message received while we were on the way back.. the reaction on her face was (( oh NO !! :shock: )) then she typed a message back.. I didn’t know you were gay but that’s cute!!!! yes it was me who texted her (( I can’t hold it anymore ,, I’m attracted to claire ‘’ another girl whom I wasn’t attracted to her’’ but I just wanted to know how she thinks of that…. And here things started coz now she knows I’m gay.. she wasn’t clever enough to understand that in fact I was attracted to HER… then :arrow:

    - i'll continue soon -

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