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Discussion in 'General Advice' started by kristen.A, Jan 27, 2014.

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    I'm 17 years old and last summer i met a girl who is a bit older than me she's 23 and i've fallen for her!!!!! we spend a lot of time together as friends and one night when we were talking she said that she knows about me and how hard it can be to be a lesbian(she said stuff like that and gave me advices) but the thing is that i haven't told her anything! how could she know about me if she's not a lesbian herself? ( if i don't say to someone that i'm gay they cannot guess i mean that i am very feminine and i don't look like a lesbian at all ,neither do i behave like one) she said that she is str8 but i think she lied, i don't know why (?) and when she told me that i couldn't make a move because if she said the truth that would be a huge fail... i have never seen her with a boyfriend and she never talks about guys, also she play's football in the girls team and behaves like a lesbian (the way she talks and the clothes she wears ) ... and she has a lot of lesbian friends ... everybody notices that there's a lot of chemistry between us. We are not living in the same place, next year we will be in the same city which now i'm going to for a couple of days and she said she wants to see me ( we didn't talk like for a couple of months for no specific reason she just didn't call me and neither did i so now i'm a bit nervous) i don't know if i should do something or not,i don't want this to be a straight girl crush i'm so confused and i need some idvice about how should i react when i see her ? friendly ? or something more than that (i don't want to lose her as a friend and i really want her)so help!
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    It's possible that she has good gaydar or you just behave 'gay'. Some tomboys are straight too, and if she says she is then she probably is.

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