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    I am needing some advise when it comes to shaving my lady part. I normally use a Venus Embrace razor and soap but I am still having trouble achieving the look I want. I know I could go somewhere to get waxed or do it myself but the idea of waxing terrifies me. I really want to impress my girlfriend and do this for her as a sexy surprise. I have also considered using a hair removal cream like Veet but I’m worried about having a reaction to the cream. Has anyone ever used a hair removal cream there before? If not can anyone give me some advice on shaving that area? It would be greatly appreciated! :)
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    Not advice per se but word of caution.

    Hair removal products are not meant for that area. I think they are too strong even for the skin on your legs.

    You have a delicate PH balance that you don't want to disrupt, not to mention how sensitive and delicate the skin is there. Furthermore, you don't want to absorb any chemicals directly.

    Make sure the product you use is meant for that specific application. When in doubt better safe than sorry.

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