Set me up with her friend.. What's up with the ex??

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    So maybe I'm out of touch with the dating games these days or I'm just totally off base. Help me out here..

    Skipping to the end:

    Why would she try to set me up with a best friend who is the opposite of what I explained as my type? Is that some bullshit test to get more access to me, or is she just not interested? It seems to me like she was/is interested, but had baggage with the ex. Did I make the ex jealous, inspiring the short reunion or was she just using me to make the ex jealous? Why send the awkward ex to approach me for you? Why the mixed projection of wanting to appear single and not and back again? Why the friend? Why do adults behave like this..??? (24 and 25)

    I came across a girl on instagram who I did not know previously, she is not quite local but lives within a reasonable distance and makes frequent trips to my city. She is exactly my type, with the exception of the games.

    The detailed situation:

    Occasionally I liked her posts and she began to like mine as well (I'm sorry I have to talk in internet likes, but I guess that's the world these days lol) little comments sometimes nothing much and I didn't have any expectations. At one point she was in my city she made a post asking if she should go to an event, I was already planning to go so I commented yeah go maybe I'll see you there. No reply, but I went as planned and didn't see her initially. She was there with an ex, spotted me first and asked the ex to approach me for her. So we met, talked, laughed, seemed to hit it off, didn't stay glued but I let her reapproach me several times through the night much the same and when she passed me she squeezed my shoulder/neck to snag my attention as she went by.

    Immediately after leaving she messaged me on the app to initiate conversation and ask where I was. We held conversation for a bit that night and she initiated conversation again the next day we held conversation and she asked what my type was, I described it accurately about her but I avoided admitting "an exact copy of you", conversation continued with laughs and stuff but eventually she started replying with just emoji. Gauging that I lost her interest I let the conversation die. When I posted a day or two later she liked it immediately, and messaged me giving me her number and asked me to text her and also she wanted to set me up with her best friend. Her friend was basically the opposite of my type, which I described to her in previous conversation so that made no sense. I complimented the friend but declined the offer stating she wasn't really my type and the girl of interest said that was fair. I asked how the friend even found out about me and she said she had told her about me and by then I was weirded out and conversation died.

    So at this point I basically figured she's probably still got something going on with the ex (even though she made a clear attempt when we met to express they were not a thing and it was weird). Online account confirmed that and I shrugged it off like it's not gonna happen no big deal. A week or two later it must have imploded bc she pretty much made several posts confirming a split with the ex. When I post there is an immediate reaction (literally within 1-2 seconds of clicking submit. it's either coincidence or she has set notifications for when I post), she still engages with my social media likes and comments but she has not initiated any more private contact since that last conversation about the set up died.

    What is up...
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