Sense or Sensiblity

Discussion in 'Relationships' started by xxgirl, Feb 26, 2014.

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    Hi girls
    My girlfriend and I have been together for 3 years. I want to have a family and stable life. And I know that every relationship will become dull finally. So I want to be together with current girlfriend entire my life. Don't want to change.
    But when I got a new job to new office. One time I just entered the department. There were a group of co-workers came head on. A girl among them stared at me and I stared back.That's an amazing moment. We only had each other in our eyes. I wondered if she know I am a lesbian at the first sight and if she is a lesbian,too. After that we always sneaked a glance at each other. Sometimes I caught her just sneaking a glance at me. Sometimes she caught me.But we seldom talked. Because when she talked to me. I was so nervous and becoming more rigid. I only can answer her simply,like thanks,ok....I try to stay away from her because I have girlfriend.Eventually I just can't help myself.
    The strange thing is she always ate lunch at her desk with another girl who doesn't belong our department. I think that girl is her girlfriend.Sometimes I can feel her girlfriend's hostility. But at a party,she answer my co-worker that the girl who i think was her girlfriend just enter the company of the same time. At that time I stand alongside.
    As half a year passed by, the situation remain the same. My sense tell myself stay away from her. But I just can't help myself caring about her.
    What should I do?How can I stop this?
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    "And I know that every relationship will become dull finally." - is that really what you think? That relationships will always become dull and lifeless? I have a few friends who got married quite soon after high school, and they never say that. You can tell whenever they're alone together or online that they seriously love each other and that life is not dull even after over a decade of marriage.

    Are you holding onto your relationship because you think it'll turn dull anyway? Is this relationship really for you even after 3 years, or is it just something you're keeping onto because it has been 3 years?

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