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    Under Forum rules I see:

    *No spamming. If you'd like to promote a site we have a thread for blogs, LGBT news, and fun stuff.

    Could you expand a little more on rules, guidelines and restrictions regarding posting links to other blogs or sites - which are otherwise appropriate in content.

    As examples:

    - a review of a lesbian or bi-themed book or movie from a mainstream newspaper's review page
    - a post about a lesbian book from the Lesbrary site, or the LGBT parts of BookRiot.
    - a news or gossip magazine article about a celebrity coming out

    Most importantly, does it matter if the person who is posting is the same person who wrote the piece, i.e., if I were to post a link to a post from my own blog that discusses a book or movie discussed here?

    Edited to add - I am talking about for both the forums and the comment sections of the main site posts.

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