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Discussion in 'Relationships' started by moiscraycray, Oct 29, 2013.

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    Hello everyone :)

    Here's the situation:

    My best friend met her girlfriend three months ago at work. They started out as friends and decided to move in together two months later. They remained as friends up until yesterday; now they're officially a couple, and are living in the same apartment.

    A part of me knows I'm supposed to be happy for them becoming a couple but another part of me is thinking "What are they doing? This doesn't seem healthy nor a good idea. They're living together!" :/

    Also, for some reason, I feel repulsed whenever my best friend talks about what they do in private (intimate things) or just anything about her girlfriend. Due to this, it makes me want to stay away and back off a bit. Is that weird? Should I try to be more accepting?

    They're both bisexual and I am cool with that.

    How should I react to this?

    Should I just be happy for them and let them deal with whatever comes or should I step in?

    Should I back off or should I just swallow whatever my best friend tells me about them?
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    Only back off a bit if it is not so much fun for you to hang out with a couple all of a sudden. They might like having the space too. I don't think it is unhealthy per se for roommates to become lovers, it is dicey-er. At any rate there is nothing you can do about their relationship and their decision to have one but just be a good friend.

    As far as the TMI's and PDA's, it is okay for you to let your friend know that it makes you uncomfortable to hear. Don't make a big deal out of it, just say, oh man, that's just too much information. You do that a few times, she won't relish in dishing the details anymore. Or if they do something in front of you that makes you uncomfortable, do a, "oh put that away...out of my face" and laugh it off.

    I bet you miss the old days with your best friend, it will all even out later in the relationship and it won't be so awkward anymore.

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