Relationship between two tomboys

Discussion in 'Relationships' started by DanaP, Jan 3, 2019.

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    Jan 2, 2019
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    It is absolutely obvious that something does not work well in our relationship that has lasted for some time. And the more time goes by, this becomes more obvious. In short, we are two masculine women who love us for what we are inside but we can no longer like our male behavior because we both want a femme. We reproached this at every argument, but loudly we deny it trying to lie. But no matter how much we try to deny it, it's actually clear. I am a bohemian, artist-like, independent tomboy, but peaceful, eager to laugh and have fun, she is very serious, lately aggressive (verbal and physical) and very critical. Everything I do, what I say and how I behave she doesn't like. The only exception is in the bed where she likes to be feminine, and I love it. The problem is that we already have a past and we fight in the name of love to overcome the fact that we really want a femme, not a tomboy. Will we ever be able to work it out? Is that how it happens in all the relationships between two tomboys? I really want to know. Thanks!
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    Perhaps we could set aside the tomboy/femme thing and focus more on the physical and verbal agressiveness from your partner. Are you ok? Is she hitting you? That alone is the reason to leave if that is what she is doing.

    As far as you guys being a mismatch on what you are attracted to, that cannot be fixed unless you think that being a “tomboy” or generally who you are could be fixed. You can’t make a non attraction into a couplehood. People who like each other but not attracted are friends and roommates.
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    Love is a behavior. She is violent with you, so for your own safety and self-love, end it. It will only get worst.

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