really she do that to draw attention ?

Discussion in 'Does She Like Me?' started by watzmann, Jul 26, 2016.

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    Jul 26, 2016
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    i know a lady a college at work , i met her for the first time since one month and we worked together on a topic for about 15 minutes , during that time i didn't pay attention to anything other than the work.

    then later on after a few days i found that she messaging me asking about a very general question that anybody can answer and not just me , we are not close and we are barely know each other so i was surprised when she asked me such a general question .

    in the same day , she passed by desk with another lady although she is working in a different floor and said hi to me , i should mention here that passing by my desk is not common, i mean no one can pass by my desk by chance because i'm located in a far position where are almost no one else

    anyway i said ok , she is just nice but then after a few days she passed again and smiled and said hi ,

    the last thing happens and made me surprised , she passed by my desk early morning and she had a glass in her hand , i found her telling the coffee machine in her floor is not working so she decided to come to get one from here and she was smiling ... i was so surprised more than ever because she have many other alternatives , why she chooses to come to my floor to get her coffee and even if she come to my floor why she passed by desk , the coffee machine is far from me .

    anyway frankly speaking i like her , she is cute and nice but i don't know what i should do , and if i should assume based on what i mentioned that she likes me , should i talk to her a lot ?i don't know anything about her and i'm worried that i'm wrong and may be she is married .

    what to do ? and do she really likes me ?
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    don't date someone you work with.

    If she is nice, reach out and be friends with her.
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    Jul 26, 2013
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    She could be looking for a friend. Maybe she felt a connection with you in the meeting and wants to reach out and make a friend with you. Some women are really friendly. I see nothing that would suggest she wants anything else. No reason not to make friends with her.
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    I agree with Eliose, most women are nice and possibly likes you and just wants to be friends. I know that from experience of being friends with lots of women who are "overly nice" and totally straight. Some of them I have crushes on and try to keep it simple so that I don't ruin the friendship.
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