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    *Do not start threads about illegal downloading or illegal viewing sites. Do not start threads requesting links for these types of sites either. Links to fan sites and tribute videos are fine, links to illegally copied clips (or worse, entire movies) are not.

    *Please keep AfterEllen family and work-safe and do not post inappropriate pictures containing nudity.

    *This is a bi-friendly site. No bi-bashing allowed.

    *Before starting a new thread please look to see if there’s already an existing thread about the topic. No one wants 10 threads about Bette or 20 threads about where to hang out in NYC. Duplicate topics will be deleted.

    *When you do start a new topic please be specific in the title, i.e., the name of the article/movie/book/person, not something vague like “You’ve gotta check this out!”

    *No spamming. If you'd like to promote a site we have a thread for blogs, LGBT news, and fun stuff.

    *No trolling. Thought provoking, yes. Trolling, no. Trolling is defined as "a person who enters an established community such as an online discussion forum and intentionally tries to cause disruption, often in the form of posting messages that are inflammatory, insulting, incorrect, inaccurate, absurd, or off-topic, with the intent of provoking a reaction from others."

    *No flaming allowed. Debate all you like, we like differences in opinions, but please, no personal attacks.

    *This is not a dating site. Please do not start threads specifically looking for a relationship.

    *If your post contains a spoiler, post a "spoiler warning" first before posting the spoiler. Also, do not post any spoilers in the subject of your post.

    *Please also bear in mind that the subject of your post may be featured on the main forum page. It is particularly important not to post spoilers in the subject line or to post a single word with excess letters (i.e., Nooooooooooooooooooo!) - This will disrupt the format of the main forum page.

    *Feel free to introduce yourself in the "Introduction" section. You'll be surprised at the number of welcome's you'll get!

    Have Fun!

    *Currently Harpy is the active moderator - Please send her a PM if you have any questions or concerns regarding a post or thread.
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