Rachel Skarsten and her Anti Gay ties

Discussion in 'Lost Girl' started by pamela2, Jul 31, 2013.

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    Jul 31, 2013
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    I know that Rachel has some fans since she came to the Lost Girl show. But I just think people should know the kind of person they are supporting. Not just another pretty face. She has some strong affiliation with a pretty anti-homosexual church... Erwin McManus... don't get me started on the horrifying rhetoric from his 2006 podcast. This particular individual compared same-sex relationships of intimacy to "pigs eating their own young".

    I don't have a problem with religious views provided they are respectful, but when you have an actor, that publicly talks about promoting this guy on twitter and interviews, they are supporting his viewpoint.

    MM: Besides Lost Girl, do you have any upcoming projects that you want to tell the fans about? Or maybe anything in general… a message to the fans?

    RS: Yes. I had the pleasure [to work on] a short film [with] a really amazing man who is sort of segueing into film, Erwin McManus, and we actually did it for the American Bible Society, and it’s just this beautiful short that will be in Times Square and Washington Square and all over the place. It’s called What Would You Do For Love, and I’m so proud of it. It’s just the most beautiful little short.


    Check it out for yourself.

    So I'm thinking. Are you just putting aside your beliefs for a paycheck but really think Gay people are like pigs eating thier own young?

    I can't support someone who has such a affiliation with such hate yet turns around and plays gay or bisexual?

    This has nothing to do about favoring a ship over the other. This is way more important.

    Don't believe me. Just give a listen to the horrible trash this man she PRAISES has to say and see if you can honestly support her being on LG.

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    Sep 21, 2013
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    Hi Dear,

    So the logic is:
    1. Let's just ignore that she is a christian and she is working on this project for a good purpose.
    2. Let's also ignore what she ACTUALLY STATE BY HERSELF that she supporting the LGBT community on her twitter.
    3. Let's just believe that as long as you work with anyone who made anti-gay statements will make you an anti-gay activist automatically. (McCarthyism is always good and useful! Assume you came out of closet, but your parents/friends said anti-gay stuff before, and you tell others you love your parents/friends, therefore you have a very very very strong anti gay ties.)
    4. Let's also assume that RS is the most stupid, feeblemindedness, dump-ass actress in this world you can possibly see. She is shouting loud(if that is what you trying to clam here) to the public that she is anti-gay while shooting an LGBT drama series which she just gained a large group of fans from. So she can finally purposely ruin her own career that she started from a very young age! Yeah.

    These reasons are all very understandable, and I think I can totally agree with you :)
    Have a good one.
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    Apr 6, 2014
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    Pamela I believe that just because he spewes psychotic homophobic things doesn't mean that she agrees with him. Maybe the short film was an actually inspiring piece of work despite the garbage person who came up with it.
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    Ok so ummm ... reading this made me think of my step mom who couldn't go a day without lecturing me and my sisters about how "YOU ARE WHO YOU HANG WITH". I understand that people like to look at the world as tho it is black and white, but I am hear to tell you that there are many people out there that I love adore and completely support that have views about some things that I completely dissagree with. If everyone cut ties with people because of one view, or opinion they have NO ONE WOULD SUPPORT ANYONE, and the world would disolve into one giant pool of hate! I have never felt that RS is anything but a friendly God loving woman. I guess I should ask now, because I am Pagan should I no longer support anyone that doesnt have these same views? Wow, its about to get very lonely...
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