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    Late one Saturday morning you hear your doorbell ring. You open your front door and there stand two women - aged between early thirties and early forties, dressed in tailored suits and skirts as for office work, hair neat and short. They smile pleasantly at you, wish you a good morning and ask if they may have a moment of your time. Immediately you think they're Jehovah's Witnesses or something like that, and you want them to go away, but you decide to let them state their business before you tell them you're not interested. One of them says cheerfully, "We'd like to take a few minutes to tell you about the true path of a woman's life," and then she holds up a copy of a magazine. On its cover is a picture of two women sitting on a couch, reading a paper together and drinking coffee in a sunlit living room, with their legs tucked under themselves and their arms around each other. Above this picture is the title of the magazine: Lesbianism: The True Path of a Woman's Life. You stare incredulously at that magazine for a moment, then decide to let the ladies tell you more.

    Second thoughts; Maybe the picture on that cover should be a close-up of two attractive women smiling and looking at each other with hooded eyes, faces only a few inches apart. That might be a better grabber than the other picture, but then some women might find the homeyness and subtlety of the first picture more appealing. I'd appreciate hearing the opinions of readers on this point.

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