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    The waiter stood behind the counter in the empty coffeehouse. It didn't surprise him that the place was empty. It was late at night, dark and moonless, and a fog was visible outside. If someone didn't come through the door in the next 10 minutes he would go ahead and close early. Just then the door opened and the smallest woman that the waiter had ever seen walked in. She was a tiny brunette with short hair and heels that made the waiter's feet hurt just looking at them. She walked over to a table all the way in the corner and sat down. The waiter put on a smile and went to engage this new customer.

    "What can I get you ma'am?"

    "Nothing just yet," she replied. She checked her watch and looked out through the windows. "I'm waiting on some friends. I'll order when they get here."

    As if on cue two more women walked through the door. One was blonde and dressed like a woman who worked for a living. The other woman, the waiter was shocked to see, was Asian. The blonde was of average height, but the Asian woman was as tall as a man. Both made their way straight to the table. The Asian nodded to him, but the blonde didn't even spare him a glance.

    "We actually made it here before Spence," the blonde noted.

    "Yes, well, she's married Hanna," the brunette rejoined.

    "Yeah, we don't have to make excuses," the Asian agreed.

    The door opened one more time, and the aforementioned other woman entered. The waiter noted that this was one classy dame. She was as tall as the Asian, dressed far too rich to be in this establishment, and had a look on her face of a woman who got her way by sheer force of will. She looked at the waiter in a way that made him think she was going to bite him.

    "We'll all have coffee. Make mine a double," she said.

    Spencer sat down in the last chair. The one that had it's back to the corner and a view of the front door. As highly strung as she was she wouldn't sit anywhere else. "So, we're all here. Are we ready to start this little shindig?"

    "I received a new telegram," Hanna said. She looked like she had bit into something rotten.

    "What does it say," Spencer asked.

    "I wouldn't be caught dead at 48th & Avenue. Love -A," Hanna responded.

    "That's in Brooklyn. What's so special about that spot," Emily asked, but Hanna just stayed silent.

    "Look, if we're going to get to the bottom of figure out who -A is, then we need to tell each other what -A has on us. This won't work if every time we get close to something, we chicken out because we don't want the others to know what -A knows," said Aria. She looked like she hadn't slept in days, and was at her wits' end. After a pause she visibly gathered her courage. "I'll go first. I'm having an affair with a married man. Ezra Fitzgerald. Yes, that guy in the society papers. His wife doesn't know. It would ruin him if it came out."

    "Strange that -A is blackmailing you and not him. There would be more money in that," said Spencer.

    "I don't know why -A is doing this to me. All I know is that she is," Aria responded. She looked around the table "Who's next?"

    Emily was the one who eventually spoke next. "Paige," she said. "She's not my friend. She's my lover. We've been together for almost two years now." Emily's eyes surveyed the others afraid of the judgment on their faces. Aria and Hanna looked shocked. Spencer simply had the same inscrutable look that she always had.

    "Well that makes what I did look positively normal," Hanna blurted. "All I did was shoot that crooked cop Wilden. Lousy bum was trying to make me sleep with him. I only share my bed with one person," but she didn't elaborate on who that was.

    "Keep your voice down," Spencer warned. Her eyes were on the waiter who was finishing up their coffee.

    "You're last, Spencer," Aria prodded.

    "After the waiter brings our coffee and leaves," Spencer responded. She waited until the man left and she'd had several deep sips, then her eyes traveled to each of the other women with a hard look. "My family tree doesn't branch."

    "What," Hanna said while crinkling her brow.

    "My family tree doesn't branch," she repeated. Seeing the questioning looks on her friends faces she elaborated. "My father and mother are related. Brother and sister specifically. It's not just them. It goes back generations in my family."

    Emily tried to see the silver lining in this cloud of news, "Well, you've broken out of it. You married Jason and he's a DiLaurentis. He's not related to you."

    Spencer raised an eyebrow at Emily. "Jason is a Hastings. My father had an affair with his mother. Jason is my half-brother."

    "You knew didn't you? Before you married him you knew that he was your brother," Aria asked. She had always been insightful about Spencer.

    Spencer's eyes flashed at her. "Of course I knew. Why do you think I married him? Did you think that was just a coincidence?"

    There was quite for several moments while all at the table digested the news of the others various sins. Finally Emily spoke.

    "So now we know. The question is: what do we do now?"
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    That's all. I wanted to do a little more in the noir universe of Spencer's delusion. However in this one I thought I would make the Liars older and make their lies correspondingly something that would be more worrisome to adult women.
    • Emily's lie was built in from the show. With the year being 1937 homosexuality was still something very taboo if not illegal.
    • Spencer's lie was built on the strong chemistry she has with her siblings. I simply continued that to a further degree.
    • Aria's lie came from the show as well, but with her now being an adult I needed a way for it to still be something blackmail worthy. I simply went with the idea that Ezra married Maggie, but was now having an affair with Aria.
    • Hanna's was the most difficult to do. I considered making her Mona's kept woman, but that would a repetition of Emily's secret. I'm not sure how I came up with killing Wilden, but I thought it was extremely apropos considering their history in the show.
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