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    Spoilers are allowed on AfterEllen, but when posting them please consider your fellow posters.

    Do NOT, under any circumstance, post a spoiler in the subject line of your post. -- Post subjects are displayed to the right of the forums on the main AfterEllen page. If you post "OMG I can't believe JR was shot" then you're likely going to spoil the episode for those who have not caught up with Dallas yet. (Dallas is an old TV show and JR Ewing being shot was a big deal back in the day which is why I am using it as a safe example)

    Do NOT post a spoiler without a spoiler warning. Ideally they'd be best in the subject line of your post. i.e., ((L Word Spoilers Included)), etc. So, the spoiler itself should not be the first sentence of your post ever.

    Feel free to indent your post following the warning to prevent wandering eyes from accidentally reading the spoiler.

    There is a dedicated "spoiler" BBCode (you can see it as a button in the post editor) that will conceal the spoiler until a mouse action reveals it.

    Remember also that if you do not include your own subject, the forums will use a portion of your first sentence as the subject. Any and all posts containing spoilers should have an appropriate spoiler warning in the subject or preceding the spoiler itself in the body of the post.

    No one appreciates coming across a spoiler for a show they have not yet watched or has not yet aired in their region of the world; so please be considerate to your fellow posters.

    Please post here if you have any questions or concerns.


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